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Our studio, located near Plaça Molina in Barcelona, in the Farró neighborhood of Sant Gervasi, next to Gràcia, has undergone an exciting transformation. Before becoming our tattoo studio in 2018, this space had a previous life as a video club for over 30 years.


During the renovation, we created a perfect space to work, designed for artists to give free rein to their creativity. Every corner is designed to inspire and facilitate artistic expression. Now, every tattoo we create carries with it the essence of a place that has been transformed into an environment conducive to creation and innovation.


In addition to tattoos, we offer exclusive products such as t-shirts, tote bags, MateriaRica earrings and other items for sale. We want your experience at our studio to be complete, bringing with you not only a unique tattoo but also the opportunity to take home something special.


We deeply value the tattoo world and its rich culture. We believe that each tattoo is a unique form of artistic expression, a visual narrative that reflects stories, traditions and, above all, the individuality of each person. At our studio, we not only celebrate the art of tattooing, but also strive to contribute to the preservation and evolution of this exciting art form. We welcome you to a space where each tattoo tells its own artistic story and where tattoo culture is lived and respected. We hope to see you soon!

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