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How can I book an appointment with one of your artists?

The fastest way to book an appointment is to fill out the form on the website by clicking the button - Tell us about your project in the menu bar.

If you are not sure which artist you want to get tattooed with, you can fill out the form by choosing the "indifferent" option in the Artist section so that we can advise you and find the one that best suits your idea.

You can also write to us on the studio's Whatsapp number 682533139, send an email to or contact us by direct message on Instagram

What is the process for getting a tattoo?

Each artist has their own style and creative process. You can explore the profiles of our team of artists in the "Artists" section of our website and choose the artist that best fits your vision. Once chosen, you can contact the artist directly on their social networks or through the studio with the aforementioned systems.

You can order a custom tattoo or choose one from the many available designs they have.

Once the idea and approximate price have been discussed (either via messages or in person at the studio) a date will be sought to perform the tattoo. The appointment must be booked by leaving a payment, the information of which will be sent to you privately.

How should I cure my new tattoo?

We have created a specific section on the website to deal with this issue. You can access it by clicking here.

Will I be able to see the design before the appointment day?

It depends on each artist and their creative process.

For example, Esther usually sends the design one or two days before the appointment in case any modifications are to be made.

Other artists may not show the design until the same day in the studio.

What types of tattoo styles do you offer at the studio?

We have a wide range of styles, from minimalist tattoos to realism in black&grey, passing through emotional illustrations, animals, flowers and plants, anime and tattoos inspired by horror movies. Each artist has their specialty, you can explore their works in the "Artists" section to find the style that best suits your idea.

Do you offer custom tattoos?

Yes, we work closely with our clients to create fully customized tattoos that reflect their ideas and meanings. You can schedule a consultation with your chosen artist to discuss your ideas and begin the process of creating your unique tattoo.

Can I come to the studio at any time to get tattooed?

At the studio we prefer to work by appointment to be able to better work on your idea, but if you want you can come and ask about our availability.

If at that time some artist is free and your idea is feasible to be designed and realized at the time, it will be done without problem.

In the event that there are no artists available or the artist decides that your idea needs to be worked on with more time, you can book another day to do the tattoo.

What products do you have for sale in the studio?

In addition to our amazing tattoos, we offer a selection of exclusive products such as t-shirts, tote bags, artist prints, MateriaRica branded earrings and other art items. These items are available for sale in the studio, allowing you to take home some of our creativity.

What schedule do you work?

For family conciliation, our opening hours for the public are from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The individual attention of our artists may change.

Can I see the artists' previous work before I decide?

Yes, you can explore each artist's portfolio in the "Artists" section of our website. This will give you a full view of their styles and abilities before you make a decision.

You can also see their work on Instagram, both in the studio and on each artist's personal account.

Do you do piercings or do you have piercings for sale?

We currently do not have a piercing service. We do not sell piercings but we have a wide selection of Materia Rica earrings.

What is the minimum price of the studio?

The minimum price of the study is 80€.

This minimum price can include anything from a dot to a word or a small, very minimalistic design.

How much does a tattoo cost?

The price of a tattoo is assessed by the artist who performs it. Other points include the complexity of the design, the hours spent, both in the design and in the tattoo itself, the size, the area of the body and all the material necessary for the practice. If you want to check prices, don't hesitate to write to us or directly to the artist you want.

Do you do 2x1 or some kind of offer?

No, at Why Not Tattoo we don't follow the practice of 2x1 or offer other promotions. We firmly believe that tattooing is an art made by artists in an exclusive, personalized and individual way. We don't consider it to be an industrially mass-produced product.

For us, tattooing is a privilege, not a necessity. Each tattoo we create is a unique work, designed and executed with special attention to the preferences and personality of each client. In addition, it is important to remember that we are carrying out an intervention with a health risk, and this prevents the reduction of costs to guarantee safety and hygiene at all times.

Do you do white tattoos?

If you want to get a tattoo with only white ink, we recommend that you know the result beforehand once it has healed.

Sometimes on the internet we see photographs of newly made white tattoos, where the color looks very vibrant, but it is not the reality. Once the wound has healed, the first layer of skin has regenerated, the white will turn into a flesh color similar to ours, only slightly different. In some cases it will stand out more than others but it won't stand out.

Will you post my tattoo on Instagram?

If we have your permission, we usually upload an image of the process or the result in the studio.

Each artist decides which works to post on their social networks, either in story, post, reel.. format.

Nothing happens if we don't upload your tattoo, don't take it the wrong way, every tattoo is unique, we simply often don't publish everything we create.

If you don't want your tattoo to be shown on our networks, don't hesitate to tell the artist or the Why Not team.

You took pictures of my tattoo, can you send them to me?

Yes, there is no problem, you can ask the artist who tattooed you and he will send them to you.


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